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Yeayyy aloha my travel buddies !

After my 2nd blog was aimed specifically for final semester students, finally I also made tips for my friends who have a hobby of traveling just like me. Well, although maybe the quantity of our travels are not as frequent as a true travelers,  but surely we want our holiday according to our expectations. Well, therefore it is important to make an itinerary or travel note before your holiday begins. Yaps not long time anymore, Here are tips you can do:


Determine the exact time how long you will travel to where you want to go. Well if my friend want to travel casually? Or traveling speeding who want to visit many places in one day? I myself have done traveling speeding like this 😁. In making itinerary, you should find out estimate how many hours of travel from one place to another so that your travel plans is not messy.

For novice travelers who want to travel especially to places or countries that have not been visited must find out the location of the place that will visit . Starting from the location of the hotel, whether close to the airport or close to the beach and so on. The location of the tourist attractions, such as amusement parks, museums, beaches, etc. This is important so that you can determine the estimated duration of the trip required.


Well this is really important. Estimate the cost of traveling, low budget or expensive, you must still make the estimated cost. Many tourist attractions are free, cheap, or expensive like Disneyland or Universal Studio. Find out informations what the price of admission from the place you will visit. Not only tourist attractions, transportation costs should also be inquisitive in detail. In addition to tourist attractions and transportation, make also the estimated cost of eating. You can easily find places to eat ranging from low budget to luxurious in Zomato application that can be downloaded in google playstore.


Do you prefer attractions or sights? Do you prefer natural attractions or historical tours? It's good buddy find out the attractions or places of attractions in a place or country that will visit my friend. It's a good idea to buy tickets for the attraction before leaving. In addition to avoiding queues, can also save costs. There are several travel agents that offer tickets cheaper than you bought directly on the spot. One of them is Klook Travel. This app offers many tickets of attractions in various countries. You can easily download at google playstore 😊

Well that's tips to make itinerary from me .. hehe For the buddy who plans to do traveling in the next few months let's soon make itinerary so your holiday will be fun. I suggest you do not be lazy to make itinerary..
Well, hope this can be useful.

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