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BALI | 4days is not enough

It was my first short vacation to one of many beautiful island in Indonesia, BALI. A short vacation that i had planned from a few months before. It was also my farthest holiday destination i had expected for a long time with my partner. Finally, we had done vacation differently after our busy days. 

August 16th, 2016
we chose midnight flight because we wanted to feel early morning in Bali,especially the sunrise in Kuta. At 08.00 till 18.00 we worked as usually,and of course we brought our travel bag to office because we didn't want to take more time to back home. But in the morning, suddenly i got announcement from my branch head that i had to test for S M A R T Frontliner programme at BCA Tangerang's primary branch office. I did the test till 19.30 with my friend,and she took me to our office . Really i got panic cause the flight left at 21.30 and i changed my uniform,and phoned my partner who was going here from Jakarta. We left to Soekarno-Hatta Airport by Uber from my office and arrived at 20.15. And the highlight of this particular journey is the flight departure time delayed till 23.00 and we overcame boringness by watched STARWARS at waiting room :D

August 17th, 2016
it was 00.30,arrived at Ngurah Rai Airport,Denpasar. We were exhausted then We checked into Grand Zuri Hotel at Kuta.The hotel itself is lovely though. The Sun bright from window wake me up early at 07.00, i changed my pajama to swimsuit and wear my black jacket. We took a breakfast cheerfully, the hotel restaurant is beside swimming pool. impatiently i took my black jacket off and swam.. The pool was clean and  i loved it. My partner took some photos of me at the pool. Ofcourse we didn't want to wait anymore to travel around bali at our 1st day here. We went to Tegalalang Rice Terrace,Ubud by motorbike rental and used Google maps.Anyway,the rental motorbike price is IDR 70.000 per day. Along the way we saw many Indonesia's flag, and some of balinese celebrated the Indepedence day by did any competitions. We felt warm of sunbright at Tegalalang Rice Terrace while walking on the edge of rice field with another tourists. After took lunch We continued next destination to cold region,Bedugul temple at north Bali. It is an icon of Bali. You have to know it was far enough from Kuta,south bali, the climate was different with Kuta. It were cloudy,cold and foggy . Many tourists wanted to take photo in front of the temple and the beautiful lake. There was also speed boat which arounded the 16.30 we decided to back to Kuta and saw sunset at Legian. But, The escape from Bedugul to Kuta took longer time than we estimated. So, we didn't see the sunset at legian,we went back to hotel,took a bath,dinner and we decided to walk around Legian,we bought some souvenirs,and felt beach breeze at Legian beach. The highlight of our 1st day is we went to Bedugul temple by motorbike,used google maps,and how far the escape we did but it was very fun !

August 18th, 2016
It was my favourite part of this journey. Because on this particular,we did three fun watersports which we never did together before. In the morning, we went to Tanjung Benoa, it was close to Nusa Dua. We were picked up by driver of Tanjung Benoa watersport agent. The driver led us via toll at Teluk Benoa. waw,it was my favourite toll, saw the beautiful blue sea during the trip to Tanjung Benoa. 10.00 We arrived,and the guide told us to put our bag in locker which had been provided. Then,it would be wrought up time for me.. yeah first we played banana boat. My heart beat up cause i didn't want to fall from the boat.I sat at the third row,my partner was at behind me,and also two arabians were in front of me. I hold so tightly during the game. Second, Rolling donnut. It also made me nervous. The boat was pulled by speedboat fastly till we jumped, so i had to hold tightly again. The speed boat pulled us to around Benoa so fastly.. and my body was like thrown.. so weary but amazing. The last watersport was most exciting! we did parasailing.. it was awful for me, but we could see the beautiful of the Tanjung Benoa from sky,and i will do it again next time! . Afternoon,we took lunch,back to Grand Zuri,changed our clothes and we were ready to arround South Bali beaches. Yeah we went to 4 places :D Started from Waterblow Nusa Dua, Pandawa beach, Green Bowl beach, And Secret beach,Uluwatu. The farthest beach is Pandawa. We rowed small boat,was called "Kano" at Pandawa blue sea, and paid IDR 50.000. It was really sweet experience with my partner. The last part of 2nd day,we enjoyed sunset at Uluwatu.

August 19th, 2016
we were exhausted cause long trip the day before.. but indeed we didn't want to waste our last day at hotel. So,we went to Padang-padang beach,Dreamland beach, Denpasar, and Seminyak. I just wanted to enjoy the white sand beach and blue sea on my last day here. At Denpasar, i looked for Bali nuts for my mom and also bought Pia Legong cake. It was most delicious cake you have to buy here. At 22.00 we left to Jakarta,and we slept during the flight. Really short vacation. Hope next time will be more amazing.

okay finally i almost finish this blog, But,you have to know there are still many places in Bali which i haven't visited yet.

thank you to my first reader . I hope i will develop my writing ability and this blog will be useful for you. 

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